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This picture was taken the morning after the crash. On the left can be seen the mangled remains of the balanced flue of the cottage's boiler. So, even if the oil supply had not been cut, the boiler would still have been unserviceable. Lucky, that the accident happened in summer! Note, also, how the impact caused one panel in the fence to bow outwards before it snapped.

This, and other pictures on the site, show how blind the corner is that the Fiesta came round when it encountered the Polo waiting to make its turn. It also shows how the car travelled in an almost straight line from the corner. It is hard to believe that the Fiesta was not being driven with complete and reckless disregard for other road users. It is reported that the doctor, who had to swerve to avoid the Fiesta, confirms that the car was travelling with excessive speed.

Villagers have heard that the Council intends to put a 40mph speed limit in place through the village. However, it is reported that the Police officer who attended didn't believe that it was possible to make the turn faster than this speed, so it was likely to have little impact on an accident like this. Locals know that this is nonsense, and there is no doubt that some do pass the village green significantly faster than 40mph!

Published: 15 August 2005