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Lying in the foreground is the remains of a car's door mirror. This fell from a car which, the previous morning, had smashed into the barrier closing the road for the duration of work on the footpath.

The driver had clearly failed to notice the various warning signs. The last of these was just opposite the cone just visible in the extreme distance. The narrowing of the road caused by the pacement of the sign and various cones would have forced the car into the off-side lane on this blind bend, so you might have thought the driver would have been prepared to stop quickly!

This was not the only warning. Just 200yds before that, propped up against the Village Sign, with the legend "Please Drive Carefully", was another warning of the five week closure period. there wree others, too, going back as far as Gayton almost two miles away.

This was not the only incident. The amount of abuse that the workers had to put up with was astounding. One driver, even drove over the foot of the foreman. Only the steel toe caps in his boots protected him.

Page published: 1 May 2006