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When Adrian Flux Insurance moved their head quarters to East Winch Hall it was foreseen that many more vehicles would make the right turn at the Village Green into East Winch Road. When cars coming north stop that vehicle from making the turn, it was also foreseen that there was a severe risk of being rammed from behind. This is the second incident of that kind since this site was created.

As before, it was not one of Adrian Flux's staff whose car was hit, but a local, who lives on the East Winch Road. As before, the driver had stopped to allow cars to pass going towards Gayton. This time, however, the following car did not hit the turning car, but rather skidded into an on-coming car.

The local man's car was not hit, but the others remained blocking traffic for some forty minutes before Emergency Services staff pushed them aside.

Here we seen the scene, about three minutes after the impact. Other cars are now making their way past the scene, while those involved in the collision swap details and another man assists in directing traffic.

Page published: 1 May 2006