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Once the cars have been moved it becomes easier to see exactly what happened. Coming from Gayton round the bend the driver of the Almera was unable to stop in time and locked her wheels. She is then unable to steer and travels in a straight line into the path of the on-coming Corsa.

At the point of impact both offside front tyres are burst. The Almera travels some six feet further, the burst tyre leaving its mark before coming to rest.

The driver of the Corsa would have had little chance to see what was happening hidden behind the Fiesta that was waiting to turn right and the first the driver was aware of anything was at the moment the Almera struck her. Hence there are no marks indicating the Corsa driver took any avoiding action.

After impact the Corsa's momentum allowed the rear of the car to swing outwards while the burst tyre left its mark on the ground as the car turned to face the centre of the road before coming to a halt.

Page published: 1 May 2006