Church Lane Junction
from the North in July 2003
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The text accompanied this picture on the original version of this site and was last changed 0n 20 December 2004. Following the Incident on 19 May 2006, it seems appropriate to reintroduce the page.

In spite of the warning chevron signs, a number of vehicles, each year, approaching from around the bend fail to negotiate the turn and plunge through the hedge on the right, or even overturn on the roadway.

The drive seen in the left foreground is the shared access to the new houses in the village. When vehicles turn left into the drive, many following drivers overtake, in spite of placing themselves on the off-side as they approach the blind corner and junction with Church Lane.

It can be just as dangerous for those turning right into the drive. If they have to stop to allow southbound traffic to pass, then they are exposed to the danger of fast cars and motor cycles ramming them after coming round the bend.

During the week the road is used by many as an access to northern parts of Kings Lynn, as it avoids the bottleneck of the Hardwick roundabout on the A47, and at week-ends traffic bound for the coast uses it extensively. Special events at Sandringham will see the road sign posted as the preferred route.

Page published in this form: 22 May 2006