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Asking the driver about what had happened, he reported having lost control on the bend and then bouncing off the opposite kerb before returning to his own side and going nose first through the hedge.

This picture is misleading as you get no impression of the foot high bank that forms the kerb on the side nearest the camera, where the tyre marks can be seen. Given the height of the kerb it is not surprising that the driver was unable to regain control and stop it going through the hedge on the opposite side.

At this time of day the road can be quite busy with traffic returning from shopping. It is surprising both that no one else happened to be on the road at the time and how far he got up the road from the corner, the car travelled before coming to a halt.

The point where the car went through the hedge can just be made out approximately level with the last of the central white lines.

published: 11 February 2005