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It was eight o' clock in the morning. There had been an overnight dusting of snow which had frozen. Surprisingly, given the overnight forecast, the local council had not gritted the road. Conditions certainly required particular care from drivers.

A resident of the Greyhound Barns, walking his dog, went to speak to the occupants of a silver Mondeo Extate car which had just managed to extracate itself from the hedge having come off the road at the Church Lane Junction and which was now parked at the entrance to Church Lane. Approaching from the Greyhound Barns, he crossed the road at the junction and had just reached the footpath when another silver Mondeo, travelling north, locked up its wheels half way round the bend and slid directly towards him. The villager was able to jump clear. Unfortunately, a tug on the lead was not sufficient to drag the dog clear and she was hit.

published: 15 February 2005