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The nine year old English Setter bitch had recently had operations to remove lumps from her head, and three of her paws. The stitches had only been removed the previous day and one paw, which was not healing well, was still bandaged.

The impact knocked the dog sideways more than six feet into the hedge. Squealing in shock and pain the dog was picked up by the owner and, running, carried home and placed in his car to take to the vet. As a result of this trauma, no further details of the cars are available.

Shivering slightly, obviously in shock, the dog was sick while travelling to the vets and had to be carried into the surgery. She was given a pain killing injection and kept under observation for three hours, when she was pronounced fit to go home. She is pictured here within five minutes of getting home - trying to sleep it off!

published: 15 February 2005