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One of the reasons this site was established was to record "this accident". When Adrian Flux Insurance moved their head quarters to East Winch Hall many more vehicles have been approaching the village from Gayton and then making the right turn onto the East Winch Road.

In this case, however, it was not a worker at Adrian Flux whose car was hit but a villager, just yards from her home overlooking the Village Green. The driver had stopped to allow two or three cars to pass going towards Gayton. As the last one passed she commenced her turn, to be hit a glancing blow by a silver Ford Fiesta that had been following her car down the hill into the village.

See here, moved onto the drive of the Post Office, a few minutes after the impact at about 17:20.

Given the lack of any significant damage apart from that to the drivers door, it seems incredible that this impact was only a "glancing blow" caused by an overtaking vehicle.

Page published: 15 August 2005