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After the Ambulance, the Police were next to arrive, followed by the Fire Brigade. The Mercedes estate car seen in the background here had to swerve to avoid being hit by the Fiesta as it came into his path to go round the stationary Polo. Driven by a doctor, he attend to both drivers before the Ambulance arrived. Of all those who entered the cottage in the aftermath of the accident, he was the only one to stop to offer to remove his shoes!

It can be seen, in this photograph, that the road was damp following a recent shower. However, residents find it hard to believe that it was too damp to leave any kind of mark on braking. No one reports hearing any sqealing tyres or other sounds of braking before the impact. It seems reasonable to conclude that the driver of the Fiesta was travelling at some speed and made little, if any, effective attempt to slow before the impact with either the car or cottage.

Villagers are therefore deeply concerned that the one of the Police officers who attended initially, said there was no intention to prosecute the driver. The driver lives some ten miles away and from an overheard telephone conversation is known to know the road well. As the nature of the bend she was about to negotiate, and the junction, would have been known to her, it would seem appropriate to some villagers that she should be charged with, at least, driving without due care and attention.

Page published: 15 August 2005