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This is the first incident recorded on the site, surely not the last, that involved an Adrian Flux employee. It happened at about 8:30 in the morning. This pictures was taken five minutes later.

Stationary, and waiting to make a right turn at the Village Green, a young woman in a Volkswagen Golf was almost rammed from behind by a Minibus. The Minibus was one of the "Ace of Clubs" fleet. What is of special concern about this incident is that this vehicle is one of those that operates as a School Bus.

Witnesses report that the driver was the very man who, until last year, made the right turn himself, in order to pick up a child taken to school from the village.

As can be seen from the tyre marks, the front wheels of the minibus crossed the central white line and the twin rear wheels managed to leave their trace on the road surface too.

The Golf was not hit in the incident. However, damage was sustained by a car coming in the opposite direction. This was forced to swerve and it mounted the pavement on the village green.

Page published: 14 May 2006