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Another villager is involved in an Village Green Right Turn incident. This time, at about five o' clock on a Friday afternoon, two lorries are involved, nearly sandwiching the villager's small Transit pick-up.

Once again, the incident is initiated when a vehicle has to stop to wait for vehicles travelling to Gayton to pass. The Transit pick-up was stationary. Following, down the hill was a Road Sweeper, on hire from Howard Hire to Norfolk company May Gurney.

The road sweeper was clearly travelling too fast. On seeing the stationary pick-up it locks its wheels as it slows. It slews sideways across the road, its front wheels cross the white lines while its rear wheels remain close to the verge.

The pick-up was waiting for a large Bernard Matthews articulated truck, on its way to Gayton, to pass and it is forced to take avoiding action as the road sweeper crosses its path.

The villager, aware of the risk at this junction, always keeps an eye on his mirror. He was able to avoid being hit in the rear by his own quick action, moving off towards Narborough so just clearing the path of the road sweeper.

Page published: 14 May 2006